Once Upon a Time 3x01 

GUYS! I’m so sorry I haven’t been on for the past month or two. I just started college a few weeks ago and it’s been crazy. Anyway, new season and I’m watching the episode right now and I’m not sure how I feel. My only hope for this show is that they show the audience that Regina deserves to be loved and that she loves Henry with all of her being. I don’t think I could take another season like the past two. Also, the writing…. I’m not gonna go there. Alright, back to the show! 

Has anyone ever noticed a resemblance between Kerry Washington and Lana Parrilla? She’s like the black version of Lana… Fuckin’ sexy. 

Does anyone remember when Lana talked about her cousins food place in Brooklyn? Does anyone know what it’s called?

It’s crazy to me that people don’t understand the meaning of “step” parent or grandparent. 

andrijamp said: "#but fred's face" yeah, as usual lol :D

He’s never photo ready. I almost feel bad, but then there’s Lana who’s like, “I got this covered for the both of us.”

Lana’s Tattoo 

Can we take a moment and imagine Lana in a tattoo parlor getting her feather tattoo. Like, did she go with her sister or alone and was she being all brave or was she nervous or I don’t even know… Someone fic it.



So I certainly got a taste of Regina hate tonight because of all of the Henry Mills bashing. Sigh. I guess non Evil Regals will never understand our love for the Queen.

Favorite Scene 

By far, my favorite scene was with Henry and Regina on the staircase. After watching it a couple hundred times, I realized that not only was she letting out the raw truth with Henry, but she let her younger self shine through the evil. You could see every little part of her past, and the way she was before magic, coming through. It was so beautiful and heart warming to see that young girl shine through the evil queen instead of the other way around.


Your mother bled her heart and soul out to you in a way she couldn’t do with anyone else, and you say nothing. Sometimes I just really wanna slap you.